What is the Refund policy?

We have a 90-day-no-questions-asked refund guarantee on Spartagen XT.


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    This was the message that was sent on Jan 5,2015 at 12:58pm You then charged my credit card on Jan 8,2015. Please return my money to my credit card with in the same amount of time. Thank you

    Please cancel any more of this Spartagen. Do NOT send or charge my Credit Card for anything !!!

    I have had a reaction to this stuff , my Blood Pressure has went up at a dangerous level my Doctor said.

    Thank you

    Anthony Vanorsdale

    609 Virginia Ave

    #2 upstairs

    Martinsburg,WV. 25401

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    It does nothing for me

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    Brian Brady

    look i got testomax200 is this your competent that i got this from, if so could you find out why i was chard twice for this order . on the 05/06/2015 $417.28 then a gen 05/06/2015 $417.27 now if this is your competent can you fix it up please

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    I request that you cancel my account for the subscription if bio edge products I shall return all of what I never ordered I haven't been able to call you but I hope the text is sufficient.

    Josephus G. Alleyne

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    barry reed

    yes sir, this stuff has raised my blood pressure to levels i cant stand. please cancel my future orders and stop billing my credit card thanks

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    Return my money to my account. This product does not work also you are making charges on my account that I did not authorize.

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    please send me a return authorization. i did not want automatic delivery and do not want any more deliiveries. this stuff does not work.
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    This stuff is a joke another Product hoax just to get money out of people I WANT MY MONEY BACK Send me the forms so I can return this stuff
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    please send me a refund, I did not authorize you to charge my card again, the product did not work for me.

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    Please send a refund. I had no change while taking the capsules.
    Please do not charge my CC with any other charges.
    Thanks in advance.
    Visa# 5372 $177.00

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    Please send me a refund. No longer wish to take this product. Spartagen XT.
    $69.00 2735 Thanks.

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    mike S IT did not work for me THANKS any whey

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    Just talked to customer service they are supposed to be refunding my credit card and emailing directions on returning the extra product I didn't want the stuff doesn't

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    Please refund the purchase price fr the first and second bottle of Spartagen
    as I never signed up for auto renewal. I Purchased one bottle to see if it helped and to my disappointment it did not help.

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    Please cancel my order. Thx, Tim Leary

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    Regina henry

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    I purchased Spartagen XT approximately 6 months ago and it did not work used one and a half bottles purchased 3 would like to get a refund of $177

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    I request that you cancel this acct and refund my money to my c.c.,.It is problematic

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    Roy R. Patterson

    Your product made me deathly sick, and on the advice of my Dr. I was advised to stop taking it. thank you

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    Please send me a refund for using this product. I have not received any benefit from this product, as advertised. Thank you. Christopher Porter

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    Dennis Alston

    Thank you for your bottle of energized. He charged me $49 for a second bottle because I did not cancel. As of Sunday March 19th 2017 I wish to cancel my subscription thank you hey you

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    Dennis Alston

    I see that you have a few unsatisfied customers. For many different reasons. I'm going to try your merchandise and at the end of a few days I will be in contact with you. But as of today you please cancel my subscription. Thank you in advance. Would you please send me a email confirmation of that cancellation.

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    Michael Wallace

    The 4 containers you sent me are all hard as concrete and the scoop is inbeded and wont come out unless I use pliers!
    I would prefer a refund as this is not useable!

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